Bayside Artist - Joe Maracic

Long Island Artist

Joe Maracic is an artist down Northern Boulevard from Bayside, NY, whose pen and paintbrush have the power to transport viewers from scenes in the U.S. to the tranquil shores of Croatia.

Joe works at standing out with his eclectic mixture of illustration and painting. His style, rotating fine art and cartoons, particularly within the realm of sports, captures the hearts of art enthusiasts and sports fans alike.

Yet, what sets Joe apart isn’t just his technical skill or formal education at art schools; it’s his ability to infuse each piece of paper and canvas with a little bit of emotion. As we explore his evolving creative process and notable contributions, one can’t help but wonder, what drives the man behind the brush?

Artistic Beginnings

Born in Queens, New York and now residing near Bayside, Joe Maracic’s journey from drawing with crayons at the tender age of four, then onto working with charcoal, pen, watercolor, and oil painting has made him the creative he is today.


Joe’s dedication to art led him to seek formal training, further refining his abilities and shaping his artistic style. He began his studies in the 1980’s at the Roslyn School of Painting on Long Island. Under the guidance of Charles Pasqualina, a renowned portrait painter, Joe learned the fundamentals of design and painting.

Later in the 90’s he was accepted into the Parsons Summer Studies Program in New York City, eventually completing his education at the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This formal education equipped him with a blend of impressionism and realism, a style that he put on display in his work.

Joe’s artistic voyage took root in the vibrant landscapes and seascapes of Croatia, where, he first discovered his passion for painting old wooden boats in water. The picturesque Adriatic Sea and its surrounding islands, such as Krk and Losinj, served as his initial muses, deeply influencing his early compositions. This connection to Croatia’s settings laid the groundwork for his artistic vision, marking the inception of a lifelong pursuit.

Incorporating influences from artists like Monet and Mihanovic, Joe’s work began to reflect an evolution, merging traditional techniques with a modern sensibility. The beauty of Croatia, coupled with his formal training, played pivotal roles in the formation of his artistic identity, setting the stage for a diverse and evolving art portfolio.

Evolving Creative Process

Over the years, Maracic’s creative process has undergone significant transformation, reflecting a deepening of his artistic exploration and technique. As his artistic adventure progressed, Joe’s work began to echo a more profound artistic evolution, influenced by his formal training and exposure to various subjects and art movements.

Joe’s dedication to his craft extends beyond traditional mediums, as seen in his vibrant cartoons. His sports cartoons, or “toons“, are a main focus of his creative workflows. This is conspicuously visible in his sports-themed art, where dynamic portrayals of athletes capture the vigor and emotion of sports in a way that’s both expressive and poignant. 


Here, Maracic lends an energetic flair to his subjects, while his grounding in realism guarantees a lifelike representation.

Inspired by some of his favorite sports teams, including the New York Mets and New York Islanders, Joe creates fun illustrations of athletes from all over the country.

Maracic’s evolving creative process is a tribute to an artist who continually seeks to refine his craft. By integrating elements from his formal training with personal inspirations such as sports, he’s carved a niche that resonates with a broad audience in cartoons. His experiences reflect an ongoing exploration of technique, theme, and expression, marking him as an artist committed to his unique style and artistic evolution.

Artistic Contributions

Throughout his career, Joe Maracic’s contributions to the art world have ranged, reflecting a deep commitment to exploring the boundaries of visual expression. His paintings stand as a proof of his artistic style, that captures the essence of his subjects with remarkable depth and emotion. Influenced by a variety of artists, Joe’s work demonstrates a versatile command of technique and subject matter.

Joe Maracic’s achievements in the field range from solo and group exhibitions at prestigious venues to his presence in private and corporate collections, Joe continues to create and showcase his art, and establish himself as a significant figure among contemporary New York artists. Joe’s art has found audiences at sporting events, on television, and social media platforms.

Though sports as a theme is integral to Joe’s portfolio, his artistic contributions go far beyond this arena. His ability to convey complex emotions and narratives through painting has earned him a respected place in the art community. Joe Maracic’s range of drawing cartoons to creating deeply expressive oil paintings reflects a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence.

Family Life and Inspirations

Maracic Family

Living on The Island with his wife, AnnaMaria, and daughters, Lia and Scarlett, Joe’s personal life keeps him busy. The support of his family fuels his creativity and keeps him connected to the community, serving as a continuous source of inspiration for his wide-ranging artistic endeavors.