Joe Maracic

Welcome to the world of Joe Maracic, a masterful blend of creativity and toons. Also known as GrafixJoker on social media, Joe embodies the spirit of a true artist with a flair for art and fun. His journey is a testament to the fusion of traditional art with old school cartoons.

Joe Maracic - GrafixJoker


The Artist’s Roots

Joe’s artistic voyage began in the serene settings of Croatia, where he spent his youthful summers. These formative years, immersed in the breathtaking landscapes of the Adriatic Sea and the picturesque islands of Krk and Losinj, instilled in him a deep appreciation for natural beauty.

This early exposure has continually influenced his work, especially his oil paintings, which often depict the rugged charm of the Adriatic coast and its enchanting local scenes.

A Childhood Filled with Color

From the tender age of four, when Joe first grasped a set of crayons, his path in art was set in motion. An only child (with some imaginary friends), he found solace and expression in drawing, starting with cartoons like Garfield and gradually expanding to landscapes and portraits.

His dedication to his craft was evident even in his childhood, as he would carry his briefcase of sketching materials to every family event, capturing life’s moments through his art.

Formal Training and Artistic Evolution

Joe’s formal training in art began at the Roslyn School of Painting under the guidance of Charles Pasqualina, a renowned portrait painter. His talent was further honed at Parsons Summer Studies Program and at the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, where he completed his studies in 1998.

Joe’s style, a harmonious blend of impressionism and realism, showcases his unique perspective on light, color, and mood. Influenced by greats like Monet, Mihanovic, and Banksy, his works, especially marine paintings, are a celebration of the vibrancy of sea and sky.

Showcasing Talent

Joe’s artwork has graced numerous exhibitions, both solo and group shows. His oil paintings have been featured in prestigious locations, including the Croatian Consulate’s office in New York. Moreover, his cartoons have found an audience on television, at major sporting events, and across various social media platforms.

His creations, be it paintings, cartoons, or limited edition prints, are proudly displayed in both private and corporate collections.

A Love Of Sports

When Joe isn’t drawing or painting portraits and landscapes, his creative energy is spent on creating art inspired by sports. As an avid sports fan of hockey, baseball, football, soccer, and basketball… Joe truly enjoys drawing toons and painting sports figures.

Through viewing many of his art pieces one can see he is a big fan of the NY Islanders, NY Mets, and San Francisco 49ers… among other teams.

Personal Life

Joe Maracic Family

Joe’s heart remains on Long Island, NY, where he lives with his wife AnnaMaria, and their daughters, Lia and Scarlett. His personal life is as rich and colorful as his professional endeavors, filled with the love and support of his family.